Hair-spray color guide + general advice for QR code Miis


Oh yeah, if anyone wants a QR code of someone in a different outfit that you’ve seen in my other posts, or if you want a future kid with a specific hair color (like if you’re having a hard time getting hair dye since i have a lot of extra dye now) I’d be more than happy to do so if you send an ask about it.

A Mii that comes to your island from someone else’s QR code will have only the outfit they were wearing and interior they had displaying in their apartment at the time their code was made in their inventories and neither will be added to your own collection. I’m not exactly sure about unlocking songs but I’m pretty sure an imported Mii will still start off with access to songs they had access to at the time their QR code was made, as well as any lyrics that have been edited.

Under the cut will be my own preferred method of asking for different hair colors on a Mii:

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